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ICEDIT is the user-friendly chemical structure and reaction editing tool developed at InfoChem following customer-specific requirements.
Get ICEDIT to draw chemical structures and reactions in a very intuitive way, using the symbols typically applied for sketches on paper.

Desktop Application

As a drawing application for Windows ICEDIT enables users to store and import MOL and RXN files (MDL®), as well as ISIS/Sketches and ChemDraw cdx files. In addition a broad collection of templates together with an enormous list of superatoms and abbreviations help the user to perform fast and easy input of complex structures and reactions.
The layout functionalities supported by ICEDIT enable users to easily create structures and reactions in publication-quality and to integrate them seamlessly via OLE objects in Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel) and presentations (PowerPoint).
The new version 2.3 of ICEDIT launched in Spring 2012 offers show hydrogen - display options, such as off, on hetero, on hetero or terminal, on all. In addition, the functionalities for editing text have been enhanced and SMILES are supported.
Click here for the detailed version history.

Web Versions

InfoChem has developed two web-compatible ICEDIT versions: a JavaScript (HTML5 based) and a Java Applet. Goal is to guarantee seamless integration and easy usage of the editing tool on any platform.

Features such as:

make ICEDIT an ideal tool to create queries for searching structure and reaction databases.

Due to increasing difficulties with Java in general with most common browsers, InfoChem has developed an HTML5 based, JavaScript version of the editor too. Of course, version 3.0 of ICEDIT provides all features and advantages offered by the Java Applet.
Both ICEDIT web-versions are accessible on the fly, meaning that no installation on the user's computer is required.

Test here how easy it is to draw chemical structures with the JavaScript editor:

Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this application to display correctly.

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